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I tried to write fic ?????

Series: Ace Attorney
AU: 70s au
Words: 1039
Characters: Aura, Simon, Bobby, in passing mention of Metis and Athena.
Pairing: none yet but this whole au is an excuse for blackbright fluff (also hinting at Aura/Metis)
sfw (no swearing or anything lmao)

Summary: Simon and Bobby meeting at the rink.

"You know, if you're so unhappy you can stay in the car." Aura said, turning to him as she cut the engine. He'd been pouting since she mentioned this little detour and while it couldn't dampen her mood it was starting to grate on her nerves a bit.

He scoffed dismissively. "If I weren't sure you'd be spending at least half an hour in here, maybe." He replied, opening his door and stepping out.

She rolled her eyes at him-- he was right but whatever, and got out of the car after him. If you'd asked her she'd say she was simply finding time to spend with her best friend, but Simon knew better so he didn't ask.

It was moderately busy and they walked in silence across the parking lot for a moment until she spoke up.

"Hey," he turned to look at her, stopping in his tracks with his hand hovering by the handle of the front door to the roller rink. She continued before he could voice his confusion over delaying them. "Here, take a couple of bucks. Play some of the games or, hell, I don't know, actually rent a pair of shoes maybe?"

He raised his eyebrows, eyeing her as if he didn't trust her intentions. She knew he had no interest in that, so what was her plan?
"Ugh, come on. You always just stand there looking miserable. At least consider the option of having fun." She pressed, shoving the bills into his hand as she walked past him and into the building. He lingered a moment, not sure what could have prompted that. He followed behind her soon enough though, pocketing the money. Maybe she was actually starting to feel bad for dragging him along here every now and then?

She hadn't bothered waiting up for him, heading right to the snack bar where Metis worked. As usual.

So he hung around by the rink, not bothering to join in himself despite the wadded bills in his pocket, preferring just to pass the time people watching. Also as usual.

Unlike usual though it wasn't Athena, Metis' younger sister, who wandered up to him this time. A young man, around his age if he had to guess, dressed in a one piece white suit rolled up to him. One hand on the rail to steady himself and the other hand extended to Simon.

"I'm Bobby Fulbright." He was smiling broadly, sincere and positive energy practically radiating from him. Simon hesitantly reached forward and shook his hand (if just to get him to stop holding it out) and got one of the most enthusiastic and solid handshakes of his life. It only lasted a moment but it was enough to break him out of his bewildered staring. Everything about this guy was so enthusiastic, Simon almost didn't know what to think of it all. It didn't stop there though, and once again Simon was too late to respond before the person he was talking to continued.

"What is a pretty lady like you doing on the sidelines like this?" Through the clear, thick plastic of the rink it had to be obvious enough that his boots were nothing like the rink rental shoes.

Simon wasn't so easily flustered though, slipping back into a deadpan stare easily enough. "And what is it that makes you so sure I'm a lady?" He asked, straightening up to make his already quite obvious flat chest even more visible. The cut of his shirt was low and fitted enough to show there was clearly no cleavage or binder on him.

Instead of the usual embarrassed fluster or angry brush off Simon's used to, he laughs. Bobby laughs and it's not even at him, everything he can read from it is good-natured and natural.

"I try not to judge by such narrow minded cultural assumptions." Bobby replied, shrugging the notion off casually. That did make Simon pause, surprised. Almost pleasantly so.

"Fine," he decided to indulge him, "then what made you say lady, then?" He could guess, sure, but he had also guessed his last reaction and been wrong.

"Why, your dashing skirt, of course!" Bobby replied, as if it were obvious and simple and Simon fit neatly into any box someone like himself could so easily read.

"Fool, isn't that also just a narrow-minded cultural assumption?" He replied, not hesitating to call him out on that. It may have been a bit harsh-- Simon knew he was a hard one to read, but part of him was disappointed. Bobby had had potential to be interesting, different, even. So what if he'd surprised him once? It didn't mean he hadn't still proved himself to be just like anyone else with his preconceived notions of what Simon should be.

At this he was sure it would go one of two ways. Bobby would cut his loses, muttering an apology and quickly take his leave or he would get annoyed, as if Simon owed it to him to be so easy to understand.

Instead Bobby surprised him for a second time.

Bobby froze, his eyes widening for a moment as his eyebrows rose in a way that made him seem almost guilty. "You're right!" He exclaimed. He glanced away for a moment, using his free hand to run his fingers through his hair. Simon could only read him as nearly overwhelmed and guilty now. "How unjust of me, how could I have..." He murmured, seemingly to himself but entirely too loud to keep Simon from hearing it anyway. He quickly looked back to Simon, now looking like a kicked puppy. "I am so sorry." He reached out, taking Simon's hand in his. "Look, I've bothered you enough, but I mean it, I'm sorry." He flashed him a quick, apologetic smile. "I wont let it happen again!" He let go of Simon's hand then, lingering just a moment before taking his leave.

Simon stood in silence, watching him leave until he lost sight of him, trying to put together what just happened. He'd never had a reaction like that. But it wasn't until Bobby was gone that his mind registered the last of his words. Maybe he hadn't seen the last of him.

I haven't written fic in YEARS that was something alright [wheezes]

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