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public for diana

• tans easily
• dogtags optional
• athletic runner & fighter sort of build (she's my tf2 scout class oc lmao)
• wears a binder simply because she doesn't need shit moving around mid-fight so it's the easiest and most obvious solution in her opinion.
• re: the above. She isn't an overthinker. If a solution is quick and easy she sees no reason to think into it too much. ("If it's not broken don't fix it" mentality.)
• loves a good fight and enjoys combat (hand to hand/fist or with blunt force type weapons; guns aren't quiet as rewarding but she'll use them.)
• bit of a quick temper and willing to deck someone if they piss her off enough (regardless of what the consequences of that may be.)
• unfeminine/generally a tomboy (think "one of the guys" sort of personality/attitude, although she has no gender preference for who she spends her time with. Again, she's not an overthinker. If she likes you she likes you, simple as that.)
• unafraid to call people out on their bullshit and has zero tolerance for sexist crap.

coming soon

coming soon

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