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What does King Kong have to do with Christmas, anyway?

Series: Overwatch
Setting: canon-ish (established relationship)
Words: 987
Characters: Lena (Tracer) and Winston
Pairing: Lena/Winston. Does this have a shipname?

Summary: Lena plans their first couple's Holiday Card.
oh god this started out as a joke with my friend but here I am, writing it.

He was reviewing news articles when she walked in.

“Hey, love?” She said, so casually it got Winston’s attention immediately. Casual for Lena was bubbling excitement and rushed words, not calm demeanor and patient inquiry.

“I was thinking,” she continued once he turned to face her; giving her his full attention, “now that we live together an’ all, we should send Christmas cards. You know-- as a couple I mean.”

“It’s August.” He replied plainly, still not sure where this was leading.

Christmas was something he’d begun celebrating on the moon, more out of curiosity to join in than any faith. When the holiday had first caught his eye, shiny tinsel and sparkling lights, he hadn’t even advanced enough to understand it anyway. Lena loved it though and he was more than happy to keep up those sort of human traditions.

“But you’ve gotta plan for this sort of thing!” Lena insisted as if it were obvious. “A store bought card won't cut it, we’ve got to get a nice photo of ourselves and come up with something nice to have printed inside it.”

“Oh?” This was a tradition Winston hadn’t encountered yet, on the moon nor on earth-- though isolating himself as he had for so long surely hadn’t helped.

Lena nodded enthusiastically. “And I have the perfect idea for the photo! Okay, so.” She leaned against his desk, stretching her arms out in front of her and holding her hands up as if to prompt him to imagine the image she was about to depict.

“I’m thinking vintage and classic: King Kong. The backdrop will be our town, an' we’ll get a biiig tower prop.” She moved her hands in an arch to emphasize it. “Large enough for us, or at least you, to climb on. And you’ll have an arm around me, but instead of me screaming in fear I’d be swooning-- dramatically an' cheesy like, you know?” She put the back of her hand to her forehead, leaning back dramatically over the console. “Ham it up just like the old film. And it’d have an old timey filter, I’m thinking sepia maybe-- with a white boarder like an old photograph. Oh, and Santa hats! You know, because Christmas.” She finally turned to look at him, arms going back to her sides.

He didn’t seem as enthusiastic as she was but, despite him growing up alongside humans, he was still another species and sometimes a little hard for her to read; so she didn’t let that deter her.

“What do you think? Fantastic, right?”

He took off his glasses for a moment, fiddling with them as he tried to find the words. Lena often surprised him, true, but this was still something else...

“That’s... a bit racist, actually.” He said plainly, not sure how else to gently say it, though Lena wasn’t the sort who liked being babied anyway. From fighting alongside her he quickly learned she could handle a tough situation and hold her own, and the same proved to be true in other aspects of her life as he got to know her better. So he let his words hang in the air as they were.

“Wha-- no it’s not.” She laughed lightly, head cocking to the side slightly as she waited for a laugh or playful ribbing. Winston was a master of dry sarcasm and keeping a straight face, but he wasn’t the sort to mess with her. So when his expression didn’t change her’s did.

“Is it?” She asked, sobering up and looking at him in confusion. It was just an old movie, a classic! How could parodying the iconic scene be racist?

“Well, not in the way humans typically think of it, no. But it’s... insulting. Demeaning, even.” He wasn’t usually one to be at a loss for words, but it was hard to explain things like this. Androids, while still not universally accepted, were at least known and common. Gorillas on earth were still only seen as unadvanced animals, they weren’t like the advanced species of Gorillas on the moon and most people seemed to be unaware of them altogether. Sure, he didn’t agree with them and while didn’t regret his choice to leave there was still a kinship there. And the part of him that hoped perhaps they wouldn’t be hostile and isolated knew that for now, with innocent ignorance like this, it was likely for the best; for all parties involved.

Lena’s face quickly went to one of concerned confusion to nearly horror stricken.

“Oh, no, love I didn’t mean-- Winston, you know I don’t think of you like that. You’re not some animal.” She reached a hand out to him, taking his in hers.

Finally he cracked a slight smile, waving her hand off. She wasn’t deterred though, his positive reaction only making her give his hand a light squeeze instead of letting go.

“I know you don’t.” She had a tendency to rush into things or speak without thinking, but that wasn’t always a bad thing. It made her sincere and easy to trust, and in a world where he was an oddity it was nice to know that what he saw was what he got with her.

“I’m not upset, you don’t need to console me.” Though he made no attempt to shake her hand off of him again. “I know these are difficult things for a human to understand, I don’t expect you to navigate these sort of situations flawlessly.” Although she was wrong, he was still technically an animal despite his intelligence, he appreciated the sentiment she was trying to express.

She relaxed, easing shoulders she hadn’t even realized were so tense. “Good.” She leaned in, pressing a kiss to his forehead before continuing on. “Because now we’re back to square one with the card and we only have four months to come up with a photo and something to write.”

Critique, esp about how ic they are, is extremely welcome and encouraged! I only got into this series less than a week ago and don't really have a good grasp on anyone yet but would like to write more. (This pairing and just in general.)