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thesunlitgarden ([personal profile] thesunlitgarden) wrote2016-08-09 10:25 pm

maybe to fill??

Winston & Tracer, species swap but not really. (maybe)
Hyper-intellegant time traveling squirrel monkey Tracer was used as a lab animal to test dangerous time travel tech, accident nearly cost her her life cause no one is willing to waste their time making a chronal accelerator for a lab animal.No one except Dr Winston Fossey. Or something, honestly I just want tiny monkey Tracer and massive buff nerdly human doc Winston.

Honestly, I'd be thrilled if it were romantic, but I get that squicks people.

Winston/Tracer (def)
Winston has a super huge crush on Tracer throughout their training but doesn't think she'd be interested for obvious reasons. After graduation it turns out she is.

jfc that's it i went thought all 30 pages and that is it.