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High School au in which Gabriel and Jack are teachers and also live together

no word count bc this isn't real fic and is dumb. also it's porn. if i ever clean this up i'll format it all nice.
i imagine gabe will expect things to get physical sooner than jack will (bc for jack it's v much partly emotional and for gabe, he just. doesn't expect this to be a serious thing) and idk the exact context for this convo but if the question of jack fantasizing abt gabe sexually comes up jack would be like UH NO I DON'T DO THAT either bc he actually doesn't (uh huh, sure pal) or bc well sure but he can't just SAY THAT. and gabe just "what? Why-- have you not seen me naked before? Because hot damn, I am fine." (even when they're dating gabe will be flustering and ruining his life)
- me

[Jack was sat on the couch and Gabe has come over, sitting in front of him on the coffee table and questioned him in some fashion, idk. flimsy excuse for porn GO!]

"What? Why-- have you not seen me naked before? Because hot damn, I am fine." Gabriel said, clearly offended at the notion Jack hadn't had sexual fantasies about him. Of course he would.

Before Jack could find his voice or even consider coming clean about the truth Gabriel continued.

"Seriously? You mean you've never been in the shower imagining me, wet and naked, pushing you up against the wall and fucking you?"

Oh, god. He was now.

"Or even just jerking off and pretending it's my hand on you?" Gabriel seemed upset at the notion but Jack could barely focus on that, mind now full of all sorts of images.

Apparently he wasn't hiding it well either, if the smug look on Gabriel's face was any indication.

"Well, lets fix that."

Jack's mind was reeling-- he could only stare as Gabriel leaned forward, towards him, slightly.

"Alright, so in your fantasy scenario what happens first?" Gabriel asked, making no further movement to touch him or even get closer to him.

"You-- what?" Jack's mind was slowly catching up, blood still rushing to the wrong place for him to understand what Gabriel wanted from him.

"What do I do to you? Come on, I gotta be doing something. You can jerk it to just the image of me-- I get that, but lets think a little more interesting, si?" Jack nodded deftly, not sure if he was more self conscious or turned on at the idea of describing what he'd like Gabriel to do to him.

All the same it took him a moment to realize Gabriel was staring at him waiting. "Okay, ah." He closed his eyes for a moment, trying to collect his thoughts a little. Gabriel clearly wanted to hear about this, so nothing to be embarrassed about, right?

"You start by putting your hand on my thigh." He swallowed, imagining it in his head. He didn't get a chance to continue before he felt a weight on his thigh.

He opened his eyes, looking down and sure enough it was Gabriel's hand. Resting on his thigh, just as Jack had said.

Oh, lord. It was going to be like this, was it?

"So, do I just sit here touching you like a therapist with no sense of personal space or does anything else happen?" Gabriel asked, snapping Jack out of his surprise with his impatience.

Jack nodded, eyes going to Gabriel's face and then back to the hand on his thigh. Thank god Fareeha was at a sleepover for the weekend.

"You move your hand up-- slowly," he quickly adds, Gabriel rolling his eyes and taking his time snaking his hand higher. God, he was hard already. "And uh, cup me.."

"Cup you? Jesus Christ." Gabriel huffed. "Are you a teenager? You can say I grab your cock." Which he did, unceremoniously.

Gabriel's hand was firmly pressed against him, fingers grasping as well as he could through Jack's pants, and Jack barely knew what to say next. His mind was racing and yet blank, too focused on the sensation and the warmth.

"Touch me." Jack spit out, not bothering to frame it as describing a fantasy anymore.

"How? This is your fantasy, jackass." God, of course. When did Gabriel ever make things easy.

"You-- you use your palm, rub--" Gabriel didn't hesitate, and Jack cut himself off with a shaky exhalation. This was so much better than touching himself with his eyes squeezed shut as he tried to imagine it was Gabriel's hand instead.

Gabriel's hand was warm and shameless, firmly pressed against him and rubbing his dick and--

"Well? Do I just keep your blue balls warm for you or do we do anyth--" For once Jack was the one cutting off Gabriel.

"I came." He sputtered out between heavy breaths.

"You what?" Gabriel paused, hand stilling.

"I'm, I already finished." Jack reiterated, heat creeping up to his face as embarrassment slowly replaced the post orgasmic bliss Gabriel had managed to leave him with.

Gabriel just stared at him for a moment, clearly surprised. His hand slid back down his thigh, resting where it began as he just stared at him. "You really are a fucking teenager."

"You're just that good, Gabe." Jack offered, willing to stroke his ego after that.

If the little squeeze Gabriel gave Jack's thigh before withdrawing his hand was any indication, Gabriel liked that.

"Alright, fine, take a moment." Gabriel said it as though he was doing Jack some huge favor and Jack honestly couldn't quite say otherwise at the moment.

[then they boned idk]

[nah but lbr gabe is turned on and gives jack a show getting himself off/gets jack to jerk him off now :3c ]