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cheap excuse for smut: part 2!

continuation of the last thing

"Alright, Alright." Gabriel said impatiently after a moment. "That's enough time, don't leave me hanging."

It was not enough time, not enough at all. The guy-- the friend Jack had been nursing a crush on for more years than he wanted to admit just, as he would say, grabbed his cock and gave him an orgasm. He'd need at least a couple of days to let all of it sink in properly.

All the same the last thing Jack wanted to do was ignore and upset him now. "What?" He asked eloquently.

"Fucking hell--" Gabriel shook his head, looking to the side as if he wanted to say do you believe this guy? but had no one to do so with. "You're just gonna turn a man on and leave him hanging? And you wonder why I call you a jackass."

Jack's eyes darted to Gabriel's lap before he could think about how rude it might be, noticing now that he was hard too. He'd been so wrapped up in his own experience he hadn't even seen--

"Are those my pants?" Is what came out of his mouth instead.

"Un-fucking-believable." Gabriel said, sounding nearly disgusted but not denying that they were, in fact, Jack's pants. He still had a bad habit of raiding Jack's closet when he ran out of clean clothes of his own and had never once expressed any sort of shame over it.

Not that Jack could said he minded, really. He was ever so slightly slimmer than Gabriel, and so the slightly tight clothing showed off his toned body in a way that made any complaints Jack may have had die in his throat.

He hardly had time to enjoy the sight now though. It only took a moment for Gabriel's hands to be at the front of his jeans, unbuttoning them.

"You just gonna watch?" Gabriel asked, sounding annoyed but unzipping all the same.

"Can I?" Jack asked without thinking, his manners still taking a backseat.

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