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drunk sloppy blowjobs yay

Jack is drunk, Gabe is not.

Gabriel had been trying to coax his drunk idiot of a boyfriend into bed. One of them had to be the responsible one and clearly that was going to be Gabriel, as usual. Still, neither of them drank often and as far as Gabe knew there was no special occasion for this. As far as he knew everything was fine but nothing particularly special was happening, either. So when Jack told him to get in bed with him, well. Why not?

He'd expected the normal routine, maybe a little making out followed by Jack falling asleep wrapped around him. (Gabriel wasn't one for sleeping much but he'd begun to sort of enjoy it, laying with someone next to him and arms around one another. It was simply relaxing, was all.)

What he got though was himself laying down as usual and Jack curling up at the foot of the bed.

"What the fuck are you do--" Gabriel cut himself off as Jack settled himself, resting his head right between Gabriel's thighs.

"I love your thighs." Jack said with a sigh, quietly but just loudly enough that he wasn't talking to himself.

His eyes were closed as he put a hand on each of Gabriel's knees, pulling his thighs gently toward him until his head was nestled right between them.

Gabriel could only laugh. "God, you are so drunk." He felt a tad buzzed himself now, though he hadn't had anything to drink. "Come up here and kiss me." He reached out, tips of his fingers brushing Jack's hair. He hoped he was too drunk to remember this when he sobered up.

Jack leaned into the touch slightly, only opening his eyes when he realized Gabriel wasn't returning his hand any time soon.

He pouted slightly, and fuck, that should have looked goddamn ridiculous but apparently Jack's pretty face could make almost any expression look good.

"I can kiss you just fine from right here." He said almost stubbornly. He didn't give Gabriel the chance to understand what he meant before his head was turned and he was kissing the inside of Gabriel's thigh.

"Fuck." It was more breath than spoken word as it shuttered out of Gabriel's mouth. This was new. Gabriel had gone down on Jack before, once or twice, but so far Jack either hadn't felt confident enough to return the favor of Gabriel was simply too good at distracting him with other sexy things.

Jack kissed his thighs another couple of times, taking his time to lavish both of them, before stopping. Gabriel was ready to ask him why the fuck he was stopping, but his mind was sluggish with these new sensations and Jack spoke first.

"Though I bet I could do better without these." He scratched his fingernails lightly against Gabriel's outer thigh-- against the fabric of his jeans.

Fuck yes--

"Help yourself." Gabriel said, more than content to just lay back and watch Jack do his thing. Gabriel flexed the muscles in the thigh Jack's face was all but pressed up against as an odd sort of encouragement. He had no idea if it did anything for him but all the same Jack gave him that small little smile-- the one that was almost modest. The juxtaposition of it combined with Jack reaching his arms around his thighs to unbutton his pants was absurdly hot. What the hell, Gabriel was the (self proclaimed) hot one; this was utterly unfair.

how much unfinished smut can i post for these two??

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