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stupid self indulgent fluff

still pushing myself back into writing. been tired lately, wrote this purely for my own indulgence. Posting bc no one reads this journal anyway.

owh au established gabe/jack fluff go

After a week Gabriel is left in excited anticipation wondering what Jack has planned.

Gabriel is personally hoping for fireworks of all types and colours that go off once the plane in the sky starts writing out Will you marry me?, all fancy and cursive. And then the raven flies in bringing him the ring once he’s said yes—Gabriel has always been father fond of birds and while your average guy might go with something classic like a dove Gabriel is certainly not average. He isn’t sure of the logistics involved to keep the plane from getting hit with fireworks but, well, that’s Jack’s problem to solve. At least the raven will be easy, he figures; they’re smart birds after all.

All this keeps him occupied and content for a full week.

But then that week turns into two weeks and he begins to get impatient.

He expects more with each passing day, and by the time nearly a month has passed he expects a full orchestral band and a flash mob at least. In addition to everything else.

Once the month mark officially hits he wonders if Jack is going to ask him at all. If maybe this is all some cruel payback for him saying no the first time.

Fuck that jackass, acting so understanding and then standing him up like this. Gabriel won’t just sit and take it, that’s for damn sure.

So after a month and two days precisely he makes his move.

“Hey, you still got the ring?” He asks, head in Jack’s lap as they watch a show Gabriel can barely focus on for all the tension his expectations have left him with.

Jack bristles slightly, the fingers rubbing Gabriel’s scalp pausing.

“Yeah, of course.” He sounds nervous, sounds like he might expect Gabriel to call it off all over again and—fuck, this wasn’t what he was trying to do.

“Lemme see it.” He turned sideways to look up at him, giving the barest of reassurances. Maybe the lack of I’m not randomly dumping you after all these years would be enough.

Still, Jack hesitated.

“Why?” He sounded weary and maybe even a little suspicious, fucking hell.

“It’s not a wedding dress, you can let me see it. I’ve already seen it once anyway.” Gabriel shrugs, or some close approximation of a shrug considering he’s still laying down.

Jack considers and Gabriel doesn’t budge. When Jack lets out the smallest of terse breaths and reaches into the pocket opposite of Gabriel he knows he’s won. Still, he hadn’t expected him to just have it on hand. Maybe he’d planned something for later that day?

It didn’t matter, he’d kept him waiting long enough. Jack had forfeited the right to propose to him now, he’d kept him waiting too long.

When Jack handed him the box, curious hesitation in in his movement, Gabriel simply opened it up and slipped the ring on.

“There.” He pressed the box back into his hand.

Jack stared for a moment, dumbfounded and trying to mentally catch up to Gabriel; who was already settling back comfortably on the couch and looking back to the tv. “Wha—but you said-”

“Yeah, but I was kind of expecting to get engaged sometime this year.” He said, pointedly. He was keeping this ring on if Jack liked it or not, it was done now.

“Just like that?” Jack asked eventually, voice slightly soft in that way that made Gabriel’s stomach flutter despite himself.

“Yep. Just like that.” Gabriel replied, trying to sound more stubborn than affectionate; though his success in the matter would depend on which of them you asked.

Jack set the box aside, practically tossing it away in favor of holding Gabriel’s hand. It wasn’t something Gabriel was terribly fond of, but the ring pressed nicely against both their skin when Jack laced their fingers together and, well, Gabriel couldn’t find it in him to protest for once.

About that, at least.

“You better make up for it with the wedding.” He said stubbornly, already expecting so much more than he had for the proposal.

“Alright.” And Gabriel didn’t even have to look at Jack to picture the broad smile across his face, he could hear it in his voice.

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