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I like to think that little 11 year old Sonia had twintail braids -w- (for this au at least, idk it's cute)
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how many muggle born kids showed up at hogwarts like, “i get you’re into magic and don’t get me wrong, magic is awesome, but please don’t try and tell me quills and inkwells make more sense than pencils. i realize you have an aesthetic going, but admit it’s that. admit it’s just for looks.”
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Fuck now I'm just imagining Gundam pointedly trying to use quills because he's always used pencils and pens and they are so beneath someone such as him and Souda is just looking at him like "what the heck* dude you're getting ink everywhere just use a pen I know you know what those are" and then Sonia overhears and asks what a pen is and Gundam just goes quiet (SO BENEATH HIM) and Souda takes this as his moment to shine and tells her all about them and gives her one of his own and she LOVES IT how INGENIOUS, the ink is ALREADY IN THE FEATHERLESS QUILL !! eventually between the two of them they get Gundam back to using pens and pencils but it takes awhile he is so dead set on seeing ~magical ways~ as being better than everything else.

*heck because they are eleven he doesn't know fuck yet.

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The original headcanon rambles with Leah. Cut for sheer length.

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Dangan Ronpa
Gryffindor Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Slytherin

*Yamada was put in Ravenclaw to keep even numbers, he would probably actually be Hufflepuff though...

Super Dangan Ronpa 2

Gryffindor Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Slytherin

*work in progress

DR students are a year ahead the SDR2 students
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Me: (good because WOW DANG i want this now. we put ishimaru in slytherin and now i'm just in love with slytherin!ishi??? he fits the house traits SO WELL and is a fucking shoe in for slytherin but is still the biggest goody two shoes every and the other slytherin find him annoying as he's an uptight buzzkill and uh yeah i love hp crossovers we need to rp this)
Jess: omg that sounds perfect lajfiawejwa and ishimaru would be like one of the perfects/leaders that patrols the slytherin house and sometimes the castle looking for rule breakers (finds asahina and sakura a lot sneaking out in the dead of night to go swimming)
Me: YEAH he would be a prefect-- the most annoying prefect who takes it very!! seriously!!
Me: he is just as strict on his house as he is on all the others and it is the lamest thing ever, the others hate it
Jess: jaklfwjaei
Jess: (Sonia understands but its annoying when she tries to sneak into the forbidden books section to find out more on the occult and theres ishimaru stationed out front of it)

[house sorting list here]

Jess: i still see sonia as ravenclaw
Me: and i get the smarts but he just has so many more ravenclaw traits
Me: and eh, she's more gryff to me. fiesty, brazen, doesn't put up with shit.
Me: also tanaka is a total ravenclaw and i like the ot3 to all be in diff houses so while souda would have worked well in gryff i put him in puff haha
Jess: jalwieaj yeah i know but i think it would be hilarious if like she was in ravenclaw because of the ~occult~ and her parents/country leaders where like no she is GOING TO BE A QUEEN SHE NEEDS TO BE IN GRYFFINDOR and like for the first time in history they changed someones house
Me: copy paste so you kno my thoughts/why i put her there
Me: people like putting her in Ravenclaw, and idk I GET IT but at the same time i feel that's sort of... simplifying her? OH SHE LIKES READING ABOUT THE OCCULT, RAVENCLAW. She's also very independent and, while there is a culture gap, she is also very intelligent. She stands up for herself and others and isn't the type to easily back down. Not that Ravenclaws CAN'T be that, but at the same time i just... feel like sorting her so easily stops before you can get more in depth with her
Me: like tbh I see her as a gryffindor/ravenclaw cusp. she has that whimsy of a ravenclaw but that not putting up with shit of a gryffindor

Me: idk i just see her as cusp but more gryffindor personally.
Jess: yeah idk she is right on the edge of both for me lafjkawiej
Jess: (also asahina could totally be a puff but i see her as a gryff more)
Me: haha yeah she's def a cusp but i tend to sort for personality over interest
Me: sakura and asahina both could swap houses easily
Jess: (Also I find it hilarious for people to be so surprised that sakura is in puff an so terrified of her they are sure its a mistake)
Me: but they lean to one just a bit more than the other imo
Me: (lmao yes she's THE MOST TERRIFYING HUFFLEPUFF and a total sweetie)
Jess: (like people who know her shes SO SWEET AND KIND AND LOVER HER but people who see her in the hallway are terrified, even the syltherins stopped bullying puffs in public)
Me: mmhm-- also omg i bet aoi and sakura met while aoi was sneaking into the kitchen for sweets and dounuts as the hufflepuff room is near there
Me: perf friendship
Jess: (Is it bad I can see Sakura as a puff prefect and she kinda got dragged into because shes so nice and everyone thought if they saw/heard that sakura was a prefect it would raelly help the crime rate go down)
Jess: yesssssssss
Jess: omg
Me: mmhm she's a good prefect, very fair and just and she doesn't like admitting it but she lets aoi slide a lot lmao
Jess: (She helps aoi out sometimes when they have to sneak past ishmaru to get a midnight snack or go swimming)
Me: (mmhm. she cares about orders, rules, and whatnot but aoi is a great/awful influence and well just this once can't hurt... let's do it~)
Jess: (this once = 10000 time)
Me: (she always says just this once or okay but this is the last time)
Me: (it never is)
Jess: (omg tanaka and sonia meet when sonia is a prefect and is in the forbidden section of the library reading about the occult because shes a prefect no one will notice and tanaka see her when hes sneaking in and stops dead in his tracks then is like wait a minute is she reading?)
Me: (tbh she probably catches him there after hours as i see him as similar to canon (aka sitting alone reading and not really having friends) and she's about to reprimand him when she noticed his cute little hamsters oh my gooosh)
Me: (gundam is not impressed with people and he doesn't take that first step for friendship haha. but if sonia caught him and let him off the hook because of how cute his hamsters were he'd head back to his dorm and think about her until he fell asleep, and then he'd wake up and be unable but to think about her more because what is she playing at? what trick does that mortal hold up her sleeve? he is so weary-- even if she seems really nice... later in the week during lunch or something he's reading and keeping to himself and she sits down across from him all "ooh i've read that! :D" and he's stunned both at the fact she has (it's a book about dark arts or something, not required reading) and the fact that she is randomly spending time with him again)
Jess: (yessssssssssssss omg i have lots of cute headcanons about them omg like the time we talked about the for ilke 8 hours afjlaweiajeliawj yes thats even better what about souda ajfwijealijilj )
Me: (SAME and yeah that was a good 8 hours and omg souda... bby wishes he were prefect because sonia is but who in their right mind is gonna give souda power?)
Me: (no one that is who. he would not be very responsible with them and use them to try and hang out with sonia)
Me: (souda first notices sonia in a shared class of some kind, and it's at that moment he decides she's the prettiest girl he's ever seen. he tries to impress her but his best skill is in stuff like potions. exact, mathematical, measured-- the closest thing i can think of to mechanics lmao.)
Jess: hflaweaij
Me: (he wants to join the quidditch team to impress her but flying kind of... he wont say TERRIFIES HIM but he likes being on the ground thank you very much. he tried anyway, ends up crashing spectacularly, probably throws up from motion sickness, and sprains an ankle or something dumb like that)
Me: (he never speaks of that moment again)
Jess: (what if in potions class he hears he like murmuring in tongues or some ancient occult language and the whole room just gets darker and he can feel this dark aura coming from her lafjaijewa i think we discussed this before i just cant remember what exactly?? omg lakjfwiejlwa what if they had flying 101 their first year, together alfjeirjaw)
Me: Sonia is a decent flier, although her interest is more in spells so she probably doesn't try to join the quidditch team and flies here and there for the fun of it only in her spare time. it's a pasttime/hobby at most.
Me: (omfg idk if we did but yeah gundam is just REALLY GOOD AT ANYTHING DARK ARTS like a fucking natural. it is terrifying. sometimes he just sort of mumbles words in a tongue even the teacher can't quite identify and uh Tanaka I think that's enough thank you you have a passing grade for this test okay you can stop now please stop)
Me: (also Gundam likes ancient runes and he and Sonia take that together in later years)
Me: (by that point they are friends so they both plan to take it pointedly)
Me: (Souda doesn't want to be left out but he is not good enough for the class. He goes to Sonia for study help (the perfect plan!!) and somehow by the end of the conversation she's set up him and Tanaka with Tanaka as his study guide because his scores are even better than hers and this is not what he had been hoping for)
Me: (but if it's what it takes to have class with her/not let them have a class ALONE WITH EACH OTHER (jealous alarm bells go off at this idea) then he will do what he must)
Me: (it turns out Tanaka is just as strange/terrifying teaching as he is knowing at all and Souda often wonders if it's worth it. he thinks he's starting to understand some of those weird tongues tanaka speaks in and that terrifies him. he never wanted this to be his life.)
Jess: (omg yessssssssssssssss perfect so perfect)


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