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genderqueer simon & aa 70s au

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15:36 *✧ Cat Guru Kelly ✧* ; okay this came up on my dash and literally all i can think is "genderqueer punk au blackquill" help
16:13 iveive ; Theyre beautiful an also SIMON
16:14 *✧ Cat Guru Kelly ✧* ; so beautiful but I CAN'T UNSEE SIMON WITH THAT HAIR NOW HELP I'M TRASH
16:14 iveive ; What have you done
16:14 *✧ Cat Guru Kelly ✧* ; i don't know but i feel like it's going to ruin me
16:15 *✧ Cat Guru Kelly ✧* ; i didn't know this was something i wanted or needed
16:15 *✧ Cat Guru Kelly ✧* ; UNTIL NOW
16:15 iveive ; TOO POWERFUL OF AN AU
16:16 *✧ Cat Guru Kelly ✧* ; is the world ready for this au? i do not know. will that stop me? probably not
16:16 iveive ; Who cares this au is happenig whether ppl are ready or NOT
16:17 *✧ Cat Guru Kelly ✧* ; bc okay just. hear me out okay? punk fashion was majorly a 70s thing. so i googled 70s fashion and just. imagine bobby in this

16:17 *✧ Cat Guru Kelly ✧* ; (even if this is modern day au and blackquill is just punk trash i still need this tho)
16:31 iveive ; AIm scrEECHING
16:31 iveive ; THATS BOBBY
16:32 *✧ Cat Guru Kelly ✧* ; 100% bobby fulbright
16:32 iveive ; Simpn is hust like "PUNKS NOT DEAD GENDErQUEER LIFE" and bobby is just like
16:32 iveive ; ":D one piece white suits!"
16:33 *✧ Cat Guru Kelly ✧* ; i ship it
16:33 iveive ; Same
16:48 *✧ Cat Guru Kelly ✧* ; okay i'm done eating do you want more dumb 70s au stuff? (bc my brain is just RUNNING WITH IT)
16:51 iveive ; Yes!!
16:55 *✧ Cat Guru Kelly ✧* ; IT'S LONG I'M SORRY BUT HERE U GO

Simon is at a roller rink (bc Aura dragged him there) and is just being PUNK TRASH not even skating and just sort of chilling and then.
Bobby-- in that one piece suit thing unironcally skates over to him. He introduces himself (full name obvs) and asks what's the name of the "pretty lady" WINK SMILE he's cheesy but just so positive and happy.
and Simon just deadpan stares at him and motions to his TOTALLY FLAT chest and asks Bobby what makes him think he's a "lady", to which Bobby laughs and replies he doesn't judge by such narrow-minded cultural assumptions like that!! (IN JUSTICE WE TRUST-esq cheesy grin)
So Simon is sort of surprised (pleasantly??) by this and still deadpan just asks what made him say lady then, and why, it's his dashing skirt, of course!
And when Simon points out "Fool, isn't that ALSO just a narrow-minded cultural assumption?" Bobby goes !! and then gets that LOOK on his face (the one he gets when he feels he's betrayed/let down lady justice) and exclaims that YOU'RE RIGHT and and sadly apologizes (and probably goes on about how disappointed he is in himself, this isn't TRUE JUSTICE, how COULD HE HAVE and Simon is just totally lost by this point but, again, somewhat pleasantly surprised by his reaction.)

16:57 iveive ; Wmdjjf. I love that scenario.
16:57 *✧ Cat Guru Kelly ✧* ; (in this au she is a total 70s lesbian and is typically in pants but can rock a pencil skirt when she feels like it)
16:58 *✧ Cat Guru Kelly ✧* ; (and hey, there are some cuties at the local rink and it's fun dragging her sibling along with her-- she loves simon (like a sibling lol) don't get me wrong but she ALSO loves messing with him)
16:59 iveive ; Cuuute
16:59 *✧ Cat Guru Kelly ✧* ; if u wanna see what she looks like in game

16:59 iveive ; Oh no
16:59 iveive ; SHES HOT
16:59 *✧ Cat Guru Kelly ✧* ; RIGHT? the dudes at the rink dont stand a chance when she's there, she's a babe
17:00 *✧ Cat Guru Kelly ✧* ; also fanart but this shows their dynamic SO WELL

17:00 iveive ; Omg
17:00 iveive ; That is adorable

* fanart by tumblr user collarpoints as far as google is telling me