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No name for this, just trying to kick myself back into writing. First time writing either of them and I really like them as a ship, so, uh ?? this isn't shippy tho

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Sep. 3rd, 2017 10:52 pm
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spanish rw that means "darling"/"dear"/"sweetheart"

just gonna. casually leave this here for myself.
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okay so this may be ambitious but i wanna write a sort of... choose ur own adventure shippy fluff fic? for Di and I's meow au??

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blaaah i'll finish this later??
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still pushing myself back into writing. been tired lately, wrote this purely for my own indulgence. Posting bc no one reads this journal anyway.

owh au established gabe/jack fluff go

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trying to push myself out of this slump. still not there but whatever, i may as well post this.

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i'm so tired but my thirst for sweet gabe/jack cannot be stated by sleep, so here i am. 644 words. no proof reading.

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314 words of dumb jack/gabe (established relationship) owh au fluff

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Jack is drunk, Gabe is not.

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how much unfinished smut can i post for these two??
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continuation of the last thing
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[blarg i'm tired i'll finish this later]
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no word count bc this isn't real fic and is dumb. also it's porn. if i ever clean this up i'll format it all nice.
i imagine gabe will expect things to get physical sooner than jack will (bc for jack it's v much partly emotional and for gabe, he just. doesn't expect this to be a serious thing) and idk the exact context for this convo but if the question of jack fantasizing abt gabe sexually comes up jack would be like UH NO I DON'T DO THAT either bc he actually doesn't (uh huh, sure pal) or bc well sure but he can't just SAY THAT. and gabe just "what? Why-- have you not seen me naked before? Because hot damn, I am fine." (even when they're dating gabe will be flustering and ruining his life)
- me

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Okay but what if crossover??

Overwatch could have been a government mandated program/subset of PASIV and dream entering technology. It's generally for high level operations but could also be militarized among certain personnel/in high enough rank.

When the program was dropped/PASIV deemed unethical the team went into retirement.

Adventures when the PASIV was at it's height of use? Or maybe once it started being restricted?

Cue someone still having one/recreating one?

Or maybe black market PASIV use?

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Winston & Tracer, species swap but not really. (maybe)
Hyper-intellegant time traveling squirrel monkey Tracer was used as a lab animal to test dangerous time travel tech, accident nearly cost her her life cause no one is willing to waste their time making a chronal accelerator for a lab animal.No one except Dr Winston Fossey. Or something, honestly I just want tiny monkey Tracer and massive buff nerdly human doc Winston.

Honestly, I'd be thrilled if it were romantic, but I get that squicks people.

Winston/Tracer (def)
Winston has a super huge crush on Tracer throughout their training but doesn't think she'd be interested for obvious reasons. After graduation it turns out she is.

jfc that's it i went thought all 30 pages and that is it.
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Series: Overwatch
Setting: canon-ish (established relationship)
Words: 987
Characters: Lena (Tracer) and Winston
Pairing: Lena/Winston. Does this have a shipname?

Summary: Lena plans their first couple's Holiday Card.
oh god this started out as a joke with my friend but here I am, writing it.

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Go Trio

Jul. 25th, 2016 11:05 pm
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until they have a ship name I'm calling Candela/Blanche/Spark this.

All take being a team leader seriously (bc you don't get that sort of position by goofing off/not caring) but some are... more eccentric than others??

Like I can see Spark going [walks in casually but visibly excited]"Guys, guys-- you know what would make walking around catching pokemon even better?" [taps his feet in a way that has clearly been rehersed, causing the heely wheels to pop out] :D??
Candela: "Those look ridiculous."
Blanche: "Well, they are practical."
Candela: "Don't encourage him!"

Candela is basically a female dudebro. Her original uniform consisted of a sports bra and a muscle shirt so cut that you could see her abs. When Blanche protested that it looked unprofessional Candela got the huge jacket with a puffy collar as a joke. Unfortunately Blanche and Spark both loved it, and now it's part of her uniform.

Spark is the one that needs little to no peer pressure to do something.
[blockquote] Achoo ‏@strobinglight [twitter] Jul 24
spark: lmao you dare me to lick dirt?
candela and blanche: no
spark: -laughs- you're crazy i can't believe you guys are making me do this[/blockquote]

Blanche is very (but low key) competitive and the one most likely to spoof. It starts as trying to fix the tracker, then making an even better tracker on accident and would, in theory, spiral from there. It's not about being number one, it's about being their personal best. Ironically their team has the most members, so they can afford to not be in your face about it.

Spark just wants to make friends and have fun. (But if you mess with his team/people on his team you may as well be messing with him.)

Preferred method of stop farming/pokemon catching:
Candela: walking or running almost 100% of the time. Never skips leg day bc leg day is EVERY DAY.
Blanche: drives a car. Those shoes are not meant for walking, and they will only get out of their car for nice paved paths on nice days.
Spark: Pipedream is a cool motorcycle to get places and then walking through forests and remote areas. Reality is a sports bike and heelys. Gotta hatch and catch em all!!
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This is mostly for my own personal reference but I'm leaving this public in case anyone comes across this and may be interested. Please reply with links to any juicer or smoothie recipes you have and want to share! I'll keep updating this post as I make and try out stuff.
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Series: Ace Attorney
AU: 70s au
Words: 1039
Characters: Aura, Simon, Bobby, in passing mention of Metis and Athena.
Pairing: none yet but this whole au is an excuse for blackbright fluff (also hinting at Aura/Metis)
sfw (no swearing or anything lmao)

Summary: Simon and Bobby meeting at the rink.

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Posting this for my own reference but everyone else should go read this lovely fill too.

The Last Unicorn/Ace Attorney - The Last Gavinner
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So I love the idea of this meme (google it, it'll show up probably!) and wanted to write thoughts about it? maybe even fic?? here we go.

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Simon is 19 the first time he shaves his legs.
(Really shaves them, not like when he stole his sister's razor at 13 and cut himself so much he stopped before he even finished one leg. He knows what he's doing now.)
Bobby manages to surprise Simon (how does this fool seem to do this so often?) by going all day not noticing this. And then, curled up in bed, suddenly Bobby's leg grazes his and it feels weird, leg hair on smooth skin, and Bobby just GETS SO EXCITED? He isn't sure at first Simon actually has shaved, so he (without thinking/caring) moves a hand down and rubs it over his leg and before Simon can even get properly flustered Bobby is now moving blankets back to check his legs out bc wow!! ur so smooth haha!!
(It's not even sexual, and somehow that's worse?)
(and Simon never shaved again.)


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