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thesunlitgarden ([personal profile] thesunlitgarden) wrote2015-02-27 12:47 am
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Blackbright fluff?? i'm in too deep

Simon is 19 the first time he shaves his legs.
(Really shaves them, not like when he stole his sister's razor at 13 and cut himself so much he stopped before he even finished one leg. He knows what he's doing now.)
Bobby manages to surprise Simon (how does this fool seem to do this so often?) by going all day not noticing this. And then, curled up in bed, suddenly Bobby's leg grazes his and it feels weird, leg hair on smooth skin, and Bobby just GETS SO EXCITED? He isn't sure at first Simon actually has shaved, so he (without thinking/caring) moves a hand down and rubs it over his leg and before Simon can even get properly flustered Bobby is now moving blankets back to check his legs out bc wow!! ur so smooth haha!!
(It's not even sexual, and somehow that's worse?)
(and Simon never shaved again.)