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The Soulmate Fuckup Meme - Ft. my ot3

So I love the idea of this meme (google it, it'll show up probably!) and wanted to write thoughts about it? maybe even fic?? here we go.

Sonia: Two names appear, one on each wrist. She hides both, being royalty she doesn't want to risk anyong pretending to be either of them. She's not sure why she has two but she's not too worried about that-- she's more worried about finding them both.

Souda: Notices two names beginning to surface, outwardly gets excited assuming they're both two hot chicks but inwardly confused as hell and not sure what it means. Then two names sound up and, well... at least one sounds like a girl but they're both pretty weird! Hides them both usually, the only one he'll let show is Sonia's. He's weary about finding a dude named after mecha anime no matter how much he's a fan of that genre, okay?

Tanaka: One day he notice a name starting to form on his wrist and his stomach drops. He'd been a late bloomer and he was hoping his wrist would just stay bare forever. He's asexual, and while the lack of a name didn't make him feel any less broken he didn't think one showing up would make it worse-- but it does. Then when changing the wrappings on his other arm he notices a second name. He has a moment of "oh god, what?" before deciding clearly he'd accidentally intercepted. These names must have somehow gotten on him instead of on the other two people they were meant for.
He hides both, claiming no names ever showed up for no mortal could tie down a being such as himself!! Actually part of him wants to find the people to make sure they find each other, if just to prove to himself he's right.

Sonia and Tanaka probably find each other first, seeing as she's famous enough to find easily and they're both seeking each other out. (Sonia tried looking online with no luck, Tanaka only found her eventually, and Souda didn't actually think to do that, sort of assuming they'd walk into his life... and to be fair he ends up being right.)

Tanaka tries to contact her, explaining he has the name that should be on her wrist. She eventually gets back in touch with him (she gets many messages, and this one almost didn't get to her as I imagine messages from random internet dudes gets sorted and filtered for her) and explains that while yes, the name he gave her is indeed on her wrist there is also a second one-- might it be his? Because him having both her and Souda's names would explain how he found her and got Souda's name right.

Takana freaks out, not having saw that coming (which he berates himself for later, how hadn't he even CONSIDERED that??) and drops all contact with her. He doesn't believe someone like him could actually mesh with someone, let alone a princess.

Sonia, with a lead now, has royal staff do anything they can to locate him. His email address is all they have to go off of but, in time, they are successful. She reaches out again, either by calling him or just flying out to him. She's not letting him slip through her fingers so easily.

Once she does get in contact with him he tries to bluff, saying her name is NOT on his wrist and she's wasting her time. She's hurt, because she doesn't believe him, but asks him instead to help her find Souda Kazuichi. ("That is, after all, why you contacted me to begin with. Correct?") He gives in, feeling he should at least finish what he's started. And in denial that he, ever so slightly, wishes he could accept the truth that her name IS on his wrist.

So he helps her and they bond while searching for Souda. He begins to genuinely develop feelings for her and begins to doubt his actions and what he should do, becoming ever more flustered as she becomes enamored with him.

So one day Souda is just going about his day (getting home from grocery shopping? Working on some mechanic stuff? idk) when his two soulmates literally wander into his life.

He's immediately smitten with Sonia, and at first he forgets there even is a second name on his wrist, until he asks who the weird dude with her is and she tells him Tanaka's name.

And he just freezes and stares. And immediately they all know his name is on Souda's other wrist. And Tanaka wants to just RUN AWAY but he's also jealous at the idea of leaving Sonia all to someone else and he doesn't know how to react to them both STARING at him like that.

So he tries to play it off but he's hardly convincing, part of him wants to be wrong now. He wants this to all be on purpose, wants the names on his wrists to mean something. He doesn't know anything about Souda yet, but he's fallen for Sonia and he's beginning to wonder if he could fall for this (admittedly, oddly cute/attractive) guy as well.