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I'm a sucker for sharing clothing

314 words of dumb jack/gabe (established relationship) owh au fluff

He finds it when he’s clearing out a drawer to make room for his own things.

It’s odd, really. He had lived with him for a brief time years ago but it’s all so official now, moving in together after Fareeha had gone off to college. It’s not just dumping his things into the guest bedroom until he found his own place. Their things are integrating together; space and assets being shared. Despite all the times Gabriel had spent the night in Jack’s bed despite having his own room he’d never rifled through his belongings, so he’d never discovered the well-worn black beanie tucked into the back of a dresser drawer.

“Holy shit,” he says aloud, catching Jack’s attention. “You still have this thing?” He turned, holding it up. He expected Jack to laugh, saying he’d forgotten about it. Instead he bristled slightly, stammering.

“Well, I mean, it was a gift.” He replied, a touch defensive. Like he hadn’t forgotten about it as much as Gabriel had thought.

“Do you still wear it or something?” Gabriel asked, clearly amused as he turned the beanie over in his hands. He hadn’t worn it in years, not since they were both in the army together. It almost seemed like a lifetime ago.

Jack frowned stubbornly, telling Gabriel all he needed to know. God, why was his boyfriend so disgustingly cute? He was scarred up and greying, it shouldn’t be possible for him to still look good pouting.

Maybe he was just tired from a long week of moving all his belongings or from bidding Fareeha farewell not even a month ago as she left to go to an out of state college. Whatever it was it made him walk over to Jack, sliding the hat down on his head and kissing him.

“You’re such a sentimental fool, amado.” He said quietly against Jack’s no-longer frowning lips.

hc: Jack doesn't know what amado means, which is why Gabe uses it at all. (It means "beloved" and I'm also a sucker for pet names, so.)