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[MEOW] Mass Effect Overwatch au: jack/gabe stuff

okay so this may be ambitious but i wanna write a sort of... choose ur own adventure shippy fluff fic? for Di and I's meow au??

They made it out alive, if just thanks to Jesse. Gabriel had been sure that was it for them.

"Listen, Jack-- If we're gonna die I need to tell you something."

"Don't talk like that Gabe, we're not going to die."

Jack hadn't had a plan; neither had Fareeha nor Gabriel. Not one that worked, anyway. But then goddamn Jesse McCree, the little shit who stole his shuttle and took off, showed up out of goddamn no where and saved the day. He'd saved Gabriel's life but all the same is was goddamn ridiculous and Gabriel couldn't help but be annoyed with him.

It was nice though. Things fell back into some sort of normal and it was a relief to just have some peace for once.

Or, it had been nice.

Gabriel had been on his own, Jesse and Fareeha off doing who knew what and the rest of the crew surprisingly scarce. He'd been minding his own business in a quiet corner of the ship when Jack came in, settling himself down unassumingly before dropping the bomb on him.

"So, Gabe. Before, when you said you wanted to tell me something. What was it?" He'd had enough tact to leave off the because you thought we were going to die bit, at the very least.

> I should go
> lay it all out, tell him how you feel about him
> blurt it out
> kiss him

I should go

He froze, glancing at the exit. The Exit Jack was standing right in front of. No dice. His only other way out was the airlock.

After a pause of silently considering it he returned to his other options.

> I should go
> lay it all out, tell him how you feel about him
> blurt it out
> kiss him

lay it all out, tell him how you feel about him

Gabriel glanced at Jack, all reassuring smile and friendly encouragement. He could push past him and brush him off and refuse to tell him but, fuck. Was he going to get this chance again? They were alone and Jack has always been there. Through promotions and death and coming back and nearly death again. He wont admit to being scared of losing him, but that's what it is. Even as unlikely as it feels.

"I promise, whatever it is--" Jack starts and, fuck, if he can't just read Gabriel's goddamn mind.

He doesn't let him finish.

"I like you. A lot. I didn't wanna tell you-- didn't want to fuck anything up, but. There. Now you know. I have feelings for you, that's what it was." Gabriel's not quite looking at him, glancing down or to the side or anywhere not Jack; which isn't easy in the small room. He distracts himself with worrying if the blush he can feel creeping across his face is noticeable, tries not to worry how his best friend might react to the news.

blaaah i'll finish this later??
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...I don't remember? Probably some tag? Probably not the Overwatch tag but some tag? I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE

maybe it was overwatch+utena? that could've been it

anyway do you post more than this? i post a lot, lately mostly fic but not historically. and lots of overwatch. :D