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SO MANY GOOD ONES time to link all the ones i wanna check on here

Sonia and Gundam using Souda during sex like he's just a toy or a servant (with Souda's consent) also if in the end they all just cuddle together that would be great

Sonia/Gundam, first time, trust, body worship
Sonia and Gundam have been in a relationship for awhile, and it takes a long time for Gundam to be comfortable even with things like kissing/cuddling. Sonia is fine with this, and gives him as much time as he needs, reassuring him that she doesn't mind.
Eventually, albeit very nervously, Gundam is ready to try having sex with Sonia for the first time. Being more experienced, she guides him through it, making sure he's comfortable with everything, etc. It turns into a very slow, vanilla first time for Gundam, with lots of kisses and reassurance from Sonia. Throughout it all she continues telling him she loves him, he's beautiful, and just generally helping him feel more at ease with possibly some body worship??

Tanaka Gundam/anyone
I prefer Tanaka with Sonia and/or Souda but for this I will gladly take any character with him.
The prompt is anything relating to this blog:
Sex with Tanaka, wherein Tanaka is like that. Either have him using one of his tips in bed or have him doing stuff along those lines; I'm really not picky. I haven't stopped laughing at this blog since I came across it and just really need hilarious sex fic now.

Gundam & Any, Cooking as Trust Exercise
Gundam has his hangups with his mom's cooking. At some point someone cooks a meal for him, and he assigns a bunch of significance to accepting it, or refuses and flees, to their confusion. Or maybe he accepts and is weirded out that it tastes okay?

Gundam dealing with touch (with Sonia and Souda preferred but not picky)
As we know from the game (mainly his free time events) Gundam does not like people touching him. You have to build trust and work your way to him just letting hinata hold his hand. As much as I love straight up smut, I would really like to see a character/characters building that relationship with him and getting to the point where he is comfortable being intimate with someone(s). I prefer Sonia and/or Souda but if you don't like him with either of them that's fine too. Eventual sex is fine (and encouraged, really), but have the emphasis be on what a big deal that level of intimate touching is for him please.

Sonia/Gundam/Souda threesome
lots of affection between the three, with Sonia in particular taking charge

Super High School Level Virgins
Ishimaru/Oowada - super awkward first time: Ishimaru and Oowada finally decide to do the full yaoi, but there's a slight problem: they both have just about zero sexual experience. Cue really awkward virgin sex between these two, preferably ending in fluff. (Bonus points if it's Ishimaru who ends up taking the lead!)

An AU where Mondo is the Mastermind
What would Ishimaru's reaction be?
Now, Mondo is still his best bro, so he would never let him get killed by something as ridiculous as his incentives! Brothers have to look out for each other, after all!
(would prefer dub-con over non-con, but go wild!)


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