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As much as they enjoy bickering they do end up bonding and opening up. Tanaka never had a father in his life and Souda's dad was extremly strict. Souda doesnt see it as bad (some dads hit their kids, its not like its abuse... Right?) and he doesnt like talking about it to Sonia much as she always gets way too worried over him and he hates worrying her. When he talks about it to Tanaka on the other hand he just sort of frowns a bit and mentions how his mother would "poison" him as a child. (Souda takes it at literal face value and is all DUDE WHAT?? Before soon realizing as Tanaka keeps talking that he just meant her cooking was awful and he has to resist punching him the arm (bc he knows he's still not great with touch at this point) because dude what the fuck not cool man!!)

But not once does Tanaka overtly pity or baby him-- and Souda knows Sonia means well, but Tanaka's reaction is really nice. He likes when people don't make a big deal of it/a bigger deal of it than he does.
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sdr2 spoilers maybe??? this is all non-despair au so idk maybe spoilers just for personality stuff... A LOT of my headcanon ties into Souda and a lot is connected to him so getting the first two quickly done before I dive into Souda and what he causes. (This is my default how they become an ot3 thing but in different aus and whatnot it goes different ways.)

Sonia: Adores Tanaka, and she likes Souda too but her feelings for Tanaka develop first.

Tanaka: is just beyond thrilled to have FRIENDSHIP with Sonia, even if he is very guarded about showing it. Does not make any real romantic advances and the going is pretty slow with him.

Souda: fucking ADORES Sonia from day one, treats Tanaka pretty badly out of jealousy for a bit. It wins him no favours with either, esp Sonia. (Tanaka is sort of used to being the weird kid no one likes, so he covers up any hurt feelings with insults and acting like he doesn't care even if he does-- which Sonia sees right through once she gets to know him.) Souda, eventually, starts maturing. Realizing that Sonia does not like him nearly as much as she likes Tanaka and that, even if the pig comments are a weird turn on, it's not how he wants things to be. He starts realising the problem is not Tanaka (or Hinata or any other boy she's friends with) but himself. He's ruining his own chances. It's a hard pill to swallow, but he's not a dumb guy (mostly) and he knows he has to do something to change. He starts by trying to treat Tanaka better. He still kind of annoys him, but Sonia is ~perf~ and likes him so he has to have SOME redeeming qualities right?? He gets to know him, which throws Tanaka off a bit (it takes him awhile to accept him) and also gets him closer to Sonia. He starts to get to know her as an actual person and not this idealized image he adores. (He still adores her, but he adores HER, not his idea of what she is.)

From this Sonia comes to really like the two of them, and eventually Tanaka becomes rather fond of Souda as well. He can actually be a cool guy when he's not being childish, and they both get along really well. They still banter, and it's nice to be able to get in petty dumb arguments with someone that, at the end of the day, don't really mean anything. Souda doesn't hit where he's learned it really hurts, and Tanaka has upgraded Souda from "mere mortal" to "mortal" even in their worst spats. Sonia doesn't quite get it, but when she brings it up they both assure her it's okay and that they don't hate each other. The eventual comfort from having someone they can have petty fights with and be secure that the other doesn't hate them and still cares for them becomes important to them. Tanaka holds Sonia in high regard and as someone who will always be special to him (the first person who took him as he was and didn't find him creepy or weird, and who appreciated him without a "in spite of" tacked on) and they have a lot of similar interests and get along well. Now that Souda actually knows Sonia (and not just his idea of who she is) and that he STILL adores her (though to a more realistic standard) is nice, as she is a princess and as much as she's an independent woman with eccentric interests, it's nice feeling like a princess sometimes. Especially when that person now actually respects you and adores you for who you are, faults and everything.

She pretty much comes to the conclusion one day that WOW she loves both these guys (in a friend way) and wants them both in her life forever (maybe as more than in a friend way) and probably rather bluntly presents the idea as she's still a bit off when it comes to social norms. Souda is kind of weirded out by the idea (but not as weirded out as he is about the fact that his first reaction was excitement that Sonia likes him because uh dating one of his best dude friends should have outranked that right??) and Tanaka is just... nervous in general because he is not good with people. He has other casual friends in some of the other sdr2 cast but nothing like Sonia and Souda, and the idea of messing up and losing them freaks him out more than anything. (Truth be told the idea of dating the both of them sounds rather pleasant but uuugh human relations are tough why can't people be as simple as animals??)

A few days go by and Sonia worries she's made things weird and after a probably really awkward but super short conversation they decide to go for it. (Sonia is probably really cheerful and :D about it though lbr) (like in my icon) They spend the rest of the day just hanging out and then that night pile onto a couch to watch a movie where they have SUPER SELF CONSCIOUS CUDDLES that they all pretty much enjoy despite the worrying. They then all go to bed in separate beds and spend various amounts of time wide awake thinking about how things are now/wondering if this was a good idea or not.

(Spoiler it was things only get better as they all get more comfortable with one another.)


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